Patient Portal

Patient Portal

As part of our effort to have clear and easy communication between our patients and practitioners we use a state of the art electronic medical records called ChARM. When you make your initial appointment at Wholeness Center you will be sent by email an invitation to join ChARM. We strongly encourage everyone to sign up for this free

ChARM patient portal allows you to:

  • Complete intake and patient history forms
  • Directly message or email your provider through a secure site
  • View past recommendations made by your provider at any time
  • Request appointment times electronically
  • Receive email reminders for upcoming appointments
  • Track your own personal progress
  • View laboratory records shared by a Wholeness Center provider
  • Review past visits with providers
  • See labs
  • Schedule visits online
  • Messaging system with providers and administrative staff

Click here to Access the ChARM Patient Portal:

Please read these considerations to see if you can use the online booking tool:

1. Please do not schedule same day consults.

2. Ketamine consults cannot be scheduled online at this time. Please call 970.221.1106 for scheduling these visits.  If you have a question regarding if ketamine is an appropriate therapy for you please schedule a free 15 min with Dr. Mary Rondeau or call the front office for more options.

3. At this time scheduling appointments for those individuals under 18 is not supported by our online scheduling system. Please call 970.221.1106 to schedule any individual under the age of 18.