Home Neurofeedback Program

Home Neurofeedback Program

Have you thought about neurofeedback but couldn’t do it either because of time or because you couldn’t find a provider in your neighborhood?

How would you like to have access to the exact same gear as the Red Bull professional athletes and other professional and collegiate sports teams? We are extremely honored to be chosen as the only clinical site in the world to have access to this equipment! Now you and your loved ones can have access to cutting edge technology with the convenience of training at home or on the road as thousands of athletes are now doing.

In the past the neurofeedback field has been plagued with low budget small companies with good intentions but lack of funds to drive the field to where it COULD be. This outdated technology lead to poor graphics and systems that, although effective, were not visually appealing to use or convenient. Some of the machines as big as a dinner table! But now you can have access to convenient training that you can do at home that is not only fun to do but also convenient to work around busy schedules.

Imagine instead of driving 30 minutes to the office several times a week, you could be training during a lunch break at work, on the airplane, on the weekends, early or late it doesn’t matter! Sure you and your children are likely not professional athletes but wouldn’t it be great to have access to the same brain training tools as them?

Not everyone is best suited for this type of training. Call to set up an appointment to discuss the process and begin with your QEEG assessment to see if you are are good candidate.

For more information about neurofeedback and training at home, please visit our neurofeedback website.