Group Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

Wholeness Center Group Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

For thousands of years, psychedelics have been used by indigenous peoples in community or group settings. The Wholeness Center honors the knowledge and practices of our ancestors in our view that “community is medicine” and that the future of psychedelic medicine lies in group therapy.

The Wholeness Center offers a group model of Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP), our approach to incorporating ketamine into group treatment is like our individual treatment approach, but with the added power of relationships which provides a framework for expanded growth and connections for healing.

Benefits of KAP:

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Helps you break out of ‘stuck’ thought patterns  
-Increases sense of connection to self and others 
Gives you access to deeper parts of self with different perspectives, more clarity  
Provides relief from symptoms of depression, anxiety, PTSD, and burnout  
Helps you find more enjoyment in life and relationships  
Helps deepen standard psychotherapy practice 

Group KAP Benefits:

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 -Provides a support system for people with relatable experiences  
-Facilitates greater connections without judgment  
-Enhances processing and communication skills  
-Heightens revelation through the shared experiences of others 

Ketamine therapy and our KAP groups are suitable for the treatment of a variety of mental health concerns including anxiety, depression, unresolved grief, trauma, and PTSD.  We also offer KAP groups designed for more specific populations such as frontline and first responders or those dealing with the misuse of alcohol.

Please call the Wholeness Center to ensure group is the best format for you at this time and which of the upcoming groups would be right for you

Each participant will first complete an individual intake appointment with one of our psychiatrists or nurse practitioners. Groups of 4-6 participants will go through a total of 6 sessions. During the preparatory group session, they will learn to navigate the ketamine experience, set intentions, prepare for integration work, and build cohesion and support among each other.  They will participate in 3 ketamine sessions together, with oral solution ketamine, intramuscular, or subcutaneous ketamine. The group journeys together with evocative music, eyeshades, and a team of two KAP-trained therapists present as guides. During the other two non-medicine sessions the group will engage in integration designed for connecting and processing the experience. Each of the six sessions lasts about two hours and is held weekly.

Please call Wholeness Center directly at (970) 221-1106 to schedule your individual intake appointment to participate in a group program.

Dyadic Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

Dyadic ketamine-assisted therapy is a new approach to healing and deepening relationship between two people. Whether it is a romantic partner, a parent, or a best friend, in this treatment two people embark on a journey together integrating ketamine and therapy to transform old patterns, reduce defensiveness, increase openness, improve communication, and cultivate deeper connection and understanding.

Providers Offering this Therapy

Dr. Suzanne Blaising PhD Book Appointment
Alex Warren Book Appointment
Stephen Thomas LCSW ACC Book Appointment
Jason Sienknecht LPC, CAC II  Book Appointment

Alcohol Use Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy Group

Alcohol misuse leads the way in causing the most significant harm to individuals and society. The time is now to launch new innovative healing approaches that help support individuals interested in exploring their relationship to alcohol. Inspired by the principles of harm reduction, the Wholeness Center is thrilled to announce an innovative program offering group ketamine-assisted psychotherapy for alcohol use. This program is designed to support individuals who feel that alcohol has gotten in the way of living their best life. Some people may want to reduce or have more control over their drinking while others may decide abstinence may be best for them. We honor individual differences. 

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ketamine groups for first responders

Frontline and first responders

Frontline workers and first responders are exposed to stressful and traumatic experiences on a daily basis, building up and creating burnout over time. This can lead to problems ranging from mild depressive and anxiety symptoms to full-blown PTSD. It can also cause disruptions to relationships and enjoyment of life. Our goal in group-centered ketamineassisted therapy is to start a healing process that re-establishes connection to self and others and while creating more capacity for enjoyment of life. 

We just completed a funded grant for healthcare workers and first responders that delivers this care in a group format to address burnout, depression, and trauma from the COVID epidemic. Our first article on this work has been submitted for publication. It confirms what we have witnessed in these sessions: a rather impressive reduction in PTSD, depression, and anxiety.

Ongoing Group Integration

Processing and integration are foundational elements on the journey of healing after an individual or group ketamine session. If you are an existing Wholeness Center patient, join us for a monthly group integration to process your ketamine and therapeutic journey.  

Group integration sessions are held every 4th Saturday of the month at Wholeness Center from 9 am – 11 am.  

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