Liz Connor

    • SpecialtyPsychiatric Norse Practitioner

    Liz Connor

    Liz is an Integrative Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner who takes a personalized approach to mental wellness. Liz understands that every individual is unique, and considers the social, spiritual, biological, and psychological factors that impact both health and illness.

    Working closely with her patients, Liz uncovers the best path towards mental wellness, empowering clients to take charge of their own health. She is also trained in perinatal psychiatry, providing care and support to women during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

    As a Lead Dosing Session Monitor for the Mind Med LSD study, Liz stays at the forefront of innovative psychiatric treatments. She offers ketamine treatment and group treatment, providing accessible and effective care.

    When she’s not working, Liz enjoys international travel, cooking, literature, and being outodoors with her family. She values the power of community and nature, and incorporates this into her approach to mental wellness.

    Liz is proud to be part of the diverse team of experts at the Wholeness Center, where she can coordinate a range of services including brain mapping, genetic testing, psychedelic therapy, and nutritional support.

    Liz proudly serves the sexual and gender minority community, promoting inclusivity and understanding in her care.She is currently accepting new clients aged 18 and up.