Dustin Dippen

Dustin Dippen

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Dustin Dippen

I was born in Wisconsin to a business family engaged in customer service and learned from an early age how to be helpful to those in need.  I completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Warwick in England before embarking on travel to South and Central America where I worked as a teacher.

After my time abroad I decided to pursue an education in Classical Chinese Medicine and Naturopathic Medicine at the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon.  There I worked in the Naturopathic and also the Chinese Medicine pharmacies and learned a great deal about herbal use and preparation.

After two years of coursework, I decided to attend medical school to allow for greater integration between conventional and alternative medicine.  I attended Ross University School of Medicine where I earned my medical doctorate.  During my time at Ross I had the good fortune to spend time at the Mayo Clinic in a pediatric psychiatry rotation as well as with the famed Patch Adams on his farm in West Virginia.  It was a varied and stimulating experience to say the least.

After medical school, I completed my residency at the University of Vermont Psychiatry program.  I worked extensively with the child psychiatry department as well as doing rotations at the local county mental health agency.  I honed my skills in conventional psychiatric interventions across the spectrum of patients.

After residency I took my first job at a high volume clinic in northern Wisconsin serving a varied population of all age patients and learned to manage a large panel of people in a team based setting.  My last job prior to moving to Colorado was in a federally qualified health center in rural Vermont focusing on improving health in an impoverished and rural population.  I also worked in a hospital on the weekends doing acute care with psychiatric emergencies.

At this point in my career, I truly enjoy meeting people where they are in terms of their mental health challenges and goals.  I emphasize the healing potential of mind and body while focusing on treatments that are most likely to be helpful long term.  I am happy to work in an integrative fashion to find the ideal combination of interventions that serve my clients.