Dr. Steven Rondeau ND, BCN-EEG

Dr. Steven Rondeau ND, BCN-EEG

    • SpecialtyNaturopathic Doctor

    Dr. Steven Rondeau ND, BCN-EEG

    Licensed Naturopathic Doctor / Registered in Colorado / BCIA certified in general and EEG Biofeedback / MAPS certified / PANDAS Resource Network medical advisory board member / President Axon EEG Solutions / Developer EEG Data Hub / Owner Synergy Neurofeedback / Author / Inventor / Public Speaker

    Steven Rondeau, ND completed his undergraduate training in Michigan at Oakland University where he became interested in maximizing human performance both mentally and physically with emphasis on colligate hockey goaltenders and competitive road cyclist. After completing his undergraduate degree and double minors in exercise science and health science, he relocated to Phoenix, Arizona to complete his 4-year medical school training at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM). While still in medical school, he was able to acquire his certification in EEG-Neurofeedback and later becoming adjunct faculty at SCNM in the mind-body department. After completing his medical school training he developed the first and only developmental pediatric naturopathic residency in Sandy, Utah before finally relocating to Fort Collins, Colorado with his wife and later, two young boys. Dr. Rondeau has recently developed the first and only of its kind, human brain repository and database (EEGDataHub.com) accessible for public research and capable of sorting countless QEEG markers used to predict and monitor treatment responses to various therapies, brain injury, medications, natural supplements and currently psychedelic medicine. He has published numerous papers and book chapters on QEEG and its utility in mental health, relationships and parenting. In addition to being president of Axon EEG Solutions and being employed as part of a collaborative psychiatric team at Wholeness Center, he does research and presentations on the role of QEEG in understanding and prediction of human behavior and performance. Additionally, he reports for and oversees neurofeedback EEG training in clinics all over the world while being one of the first to develop a home based, clinical level neurofeedback training program.

    When he is not writing, he is available for public speaking on topics such as EEG correlates to: suicide risk, head injury, parenting, relationship compatibility and role in psychotherapy, medication and novel treatments, peak performance in sports, diagnostic aid in psychiatry, medication failures and EEG signatures, substance use disorders and addictions, as well as integrating QEEG into current peak performance, addiction, psychotherapy and medical practices. He is currently perusing his diplomate level training in QEEG.

    Personally Dr. Rondeau is:

    • Constantly learning
    • Training for RAM Race and Ride the Rockies with his sons
    • Custom stereo and vinyl turntable builder / developer
    • Audiophile
    • Dad of two champion go kart-racing sons
    • Pretty good with carburetors
    • World-wander
    • Auto enthusiast
    • R/C enthusiast
    • Guitarist
    • Electronic music fan
    • Comic book series writer
    • Decent bowler
    • Grateful to all his patients, friends, and family for all the gifts and opportunities given to do or be part of everything listed above and more.


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