Dr. Mary Rondeau

Dr. Mary Rondeau

    • SpecialtyNaturopathic Doctor

    Dr. Mary Rondeau

    Mary Rondeau ND, RH(AHG) is a registered naturopathic doctor, functional medicine specialist and registered herbalist. Mary has been involved in naturopathic medicine functional medicine since 2005.  Her interest in plants and natural healing stemmed from upbringing in the mountains learning about folk remedies with her mother as a child.

    In 2010, she co-founded Wholeness Center which is the most innovative integrative mental health center in the US. She is co-owner of Synergy Neurofeedback which aims to use objective lab finding (brain mapping) for medication and supplement recommendations for mental health disorders and non invasive neurofeedback therapy as a unique treatment strategy.  Her love for nutrition and food met with the formation of The Wholeness Chef, a nutrition focused cooking program that can be found on YouTube.

    Mary specializes in functional medicine/naturopathic assessment for mental health disorders. Her eclectic training in traditional medicines took her around the world to study with Ayurvedic masters in India and Nepal and across the United States studying at large medicinal herbal farms for weeks at at time in the Appalachian mountains, her naturopathic doctorate degree in Tempe, AZ and her residency in Salt Lake City, UT.  She has happily returned to her hometown of Fort Collins to practice.

    Mary maintains an open, family practice focused on proactive functional medicine and overcoming chronic illness to individuals of all ages. Specialties include mental health disorders, pediatric developmental disorders, allergies, asthma, digestive disorders, pre-pregnancy health and integrative oncology (cancer).  She enjoys working with families. She has special interest in working with children with developmental delays, she provides biomedical nutritional assessments which aim to optimize the biochemical and nutritional underpinnings that can be present in this population.

    Docere means “doctor as teacher” this principle resonates with Mary at her core. She lectures nationally to professional groups about mental health, botanical medicine, nutritional medicine and naturopathic medicine.  She is an active writer currently working on publishing two books and has a teaching series on YouTube, The Wholeness Chef. In addition, she frequently teaches thru webinars on topics related to mental health.

    Mary is passionate about bringing access of naturopathic medicine nationally and was part of the team that passed legislation to register naturopathic doctors in Colorado.


    Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine- Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine, Tempe, AZ

    Residency Healing Pediatrics Salt Lake City, UT- Family Medicine

    Colorado State University-Bachelors of Science in Microbiology graduated Magna Cum Laude


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