Comprehensive Assessment Program

Comprehensive Assessment Program

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An Innovative Holistic Mental Health Program

Our CAP, or Comprehensive Assessment Program, is a psychiatric program providing intensive diagnosis, education, assessment, and customized treatment plan for individuals suffering from a mental health condition using a holistic and integrative approach. If you or someone you love is suffering with chronic mental health issues and has not responded to prior care and you’re looking for an alternative, or you’re looking for a second opinion, then this program could be the ticket to wellness and a better quality of life. The focus of our CAP Program is on identifying underlying core issues such as inflammation, methylation problems, nutritional imbalances, food allergies, and sleep and lifestyle/behavior patterns. We emphasize skill building and empowerment, and while we do sometimes use medications, we do so in a much more conservative and limited role – using medication as a catalyst for change rather than purely relying on it.

Wholeness Center in Fort Collins, Colorado is the largest and most comprehensive integrative mental health program in the United States.

Over the last six years we have been developing a range of innovative strategies to diagnose and treat the people that come to our clinic from all over the country.

What Makes the CAP Program Special?

It was a great program managed by not only professional people but by human people. They make you feel at home, at peace, and they bring you the hope you have been looking for for years…“ -MM

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CAP Program Specifics

  • Integrative psychiatry assessment
  • Naturopathic/functional medicine assessment
  • Quantitative EEG/TIER Report
  • Review of Quantitative EEG/TIER Report
  • Collaborative team meeting
  • Comprehensive treatment plan
  • Individual program for patient
  • Customized schedule for patient
  • Aftercare with Support

Perhaps one of the most unique and important aspects of this program is the collaborative care team meeting. The entire staff of our organization gathers and explores your background, history, current issues, labs, QEEG, as well as our own personal assessments and impressions. We share, communicate, question and collaborate, all in an effort to provide you with a custom mental health assessment, counseling, and treatment plan.