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July 7, 2020
Natural Integrative Mental Health, Wholeness Center, Doctor Mary Rondeau

Have you heard the expression,

“You can’t have your cake and eat it too?” 

“That couldn’t be further than the truth,” says Dr. Mary Rondeau,

a Naturopathic Doctor at the Wholeness Center.

Specializing in the practice of integrative mental health, Dr. Mary uses a blend of conventional and natural medicines to address issues like stress, anxiety and bi-polar disorder, especially for those who are looking for treatments other than medications.

What does that look like?
When it comes to an integrative medicine, Dr. Mary Rondeau helps both adults and children. She focuses on the core needs – nutrition, sleep, exercise and optimizing health, using an integrative approach inclusive of:

  1. Nutritional protocols
  2. Natural supplements
  3. Herbal supplements

This holistic perspective, combined with someone’s lifestyle and daily habits, can be quite successful in treating both physical and mental health issues. 


Dr. Mary is passionate about nourishing both mind and body. 

Here, she sits down to tell us a bit about her motivation as a practitioner of natural medicine: 

Why did you go into medicine?

Dr. Mary Rondeau: I have always been interested in medicine and found I was pulled towards treating the whole person from all angles – that’s how I landed with naturopathic medicine.

I love plants and herbs and many medications are derived from natural plants, this fascinates me and I wanted to learn more.

What is it about food that makes you so passionate?

Dr. Mary Rondeau: Food holds an important piece in most people’s lives.

Food is:

  • A link to our family history
  • A way to connect to others
  • An expression of love
  • A way to feed our minds and bodies

How has travel impacted your approach to nutrition? 

Dr. Mary Rondeau: One of my favorite parts about travel is learning local food customs and learning to cook the cuisine.

One place I’ve traveled many times is to India.

There they practice, and I have studied, Ayurvedic medicine – particularly how food plays a large part in healing the body.

Western nutritional philosophy focuses on nutrients in food like: protein, carbs, fats, vitamins and minerals. Eastern nutritional philosophy focuses on the energy of food and how it interacts with the energy of our bodies.

I am an expert at combining the different philosophies in a digestible way for people – a beautiful blend! 


Want to learn more?

Dr. Mary Rondeau is a registered naturopathic doctor, functional medicine specialist and registered herbalist.  She specializes in functional medicine/naturopathic assessment for mental health disorders. Her eclectic training in traditional medicines took her around the world to study with Ayurvedic masters in India and Nepal and across the United States studying at large medicinal herbal farms for weeks at a time in the Appalachian mountains, her naturopathic doctorate degree in Tempe, AZ and her residency in Salt Lake City, UT.  She has happily returned to her hometown of Fort Collins to practice.

Please contact the Wholeness Center if you have questions about integrative medicine, and/ or mental health alternatives. If you live in the Northern Colorado/ Ft. Collins area and would like to learn more about the innovative programs the Wholeness Center has to offer, please call 970-221-1106 or email info@wholeness.com.