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April 4, 2022
change, spring, transition, anxiety, loss, grief

While welcoming spring, have you noticed your mind, body or soul feel a bit untethered?

At the start of a new season, change will inevitably come. Perhaps it’s the one thing we have to count on during times of transition.

While it can be healthy to feel gratitude for light, new growth and warmer weather, sometimes springtime can leave us feeling a bit anxious about what lies ahead.

Changing seasons can feel overwhelming.

If you are someone who is looking for calm ways to embrace the present amidst other unknowns, Doreen Horan LPC has words of wisdom to help you with just that! She asks:

Why do we resist change, instead of flowing with the inevitable?

Change equals loss, which includes letting go of what you once had/were. It can be challenging to accept change.

However, when we adjust our mindset around a situation, we can see things in a new way, get a new perspective, gain insights, allow for possibilities and find hope.

Joyce Rupp says, “The spring earth must be turned over to receive the life-giving rains. So, too, our hearts need to be opened up to receive the gifts of spring (change or growth).”

It is only when we open up that we will grow and change and ultimately transform.

Therefore, I invite you to open up, one by one, those places in your life where you are resistant, those parts in your heart that are seeking growth, those aspects in your spirit that are struggling with the truth, by doing the following:

  • Open up your mind and your heart to possibilities.
  • Lay down your strong expectations.
  • Acknowledge and release your inner violence.
  • Give up your need to be right.
  • Turn away from worries.
  • Replace fear with hope.
  • Allow yourself to laugh out loud.
  • Dig in the soil, plant or visit a garden.

Doreen Horan LCP, specializes in grief work with people of all ages grieving from all forms of loss and in guiding clients through changing conditioned mind patterns. She has a passion for journeying with people who are wrestling with existential questions, who seek to find meaning and purpose in life,

If you continue to struggle with times of transition or change in general, please contact the Wholeness Center. We have a variety of mental health tools to assist you. If you live in the Northern Colorado/ Ft. Collins area and would like to learn more about the innovative programs the Wholeness Center has to offer, please call 970-221-1106 or email info@wholeness.com.

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