8 Mental Health Strategies You Can Practice on Your Own

May 3, 2022
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WHOLENESS CENTER – 8 Mental Health Strategies You Can Practice on Your Own. Have you ever been caught off guard between sessions with your mental health provider?

Unexpectedly the past creeps up on you, or, you are surprised by the fear of what might happen next.

Often, while attempting to live in the present, the mind wanders between past and future thoughts. This can cause uncomfortable feelings that may seem difficult to manage. It’s at these times – the times between – when it might be helpful to pull tools from your toolbox to help you feel grounded and calm.

At Wholeness, our providers understand it’s important that you have self-care strategies to bolster the mental health work you are doing. To help strengthen your coping mechanisms, we put together Eight Mental Health Strategies You Can Practice on Your Own:

  1. Connect with nature. There is just something peaceful about being in nature, whether you’re out on a strenuous hike or sitting on the banks of a river or lake. Nature has a way of grounding us, pulling us away from our daily stressors, and can help relieve anxiety within just 20 minutes. We live in Colorado, so get out and take advantage of the peaceful places this state has to offer. Take time to reflect on what you appreciate.
  2. Prepare yourself for change. Change is inevitable…it’s going to happen whether you want it to or not. By shrugging your shoulders and expecting change to happen it makes actual change a smoother transition and becomes much easier to palate.
  3. Move your body. Movement is one way the body releases excess energy. Physical exercise will promote your ability to maintain sleep hygiene and relax which are some of the best things you can do for your mental health.
  4. Focus on breath work. In times of overwhelm it can be helpful to focus, specifically, on your breathing. One technique is called box breathing. Picture the sides of a box in equal measures, and breath in the same way. Inhale for four counts, hold for four counts, exhale for four counts, and hold for four counts. Repeat this strategy as necessary.
  5. Practice mindful meditation. Returning to the body and out of your mind is sometimes a helpful way to find calm. Let your thoughts come and go as they will. Notice the sensations in your body and where you feel them. When your mind wanders, return to your body.
  6. Treat Yourself.If you are anxious, depressed or overwhelmed…treat your body with healthy nutrients. It might be that during these times you are drawn to comfort foods, however, grabbing a crunchy apple instead of chips will improve your mind / body connection.
  7. Make a habit of sleep.This might seem a bit obvious, and yet we are all guilty of thinking we can cut our sleep down by 30 minutes to an hour. An overwhelming number of psychiatric problems significantly improve or disappear if we practice good sleep habits.  It’s also worth keeping in mind that some people need more and some lucky people need less than 8 hours. Everybody’s needs are different.
  8. Connect with others.Humans evolved in communities and tribes. While our society prides itself on independence and self-reliance, these values can only be exercised to the extent that they are useful. If you don’t like humans, maybe it’s time to get a pet!

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and our team provides the type of cutting-edge mental health care that will help you grow from a perspective of wholeness.

If you are struggling to stay present, please contact the Wholeness Center. We have a variety of mental health tools to assist you. If you live in the Northern Colorado/ Ft. Collins area and would like to learn more about the innovative programs the Wholeness Center has to offer, please call 970-221-1106 or email info@wholeness.com.

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