Month: May 2023

May 9, 2023

10 Things to Know About Integrative Treatment at Wholeness Center

May is mental health awareness month and we want you to know the Wholeness Center is a leading mental health provider in the Northern Colorado region as well as one of the most innovative mental health clinics in the US. Wholeness offers cutting-edge therapies like ketamine-assisted psychotherapy and both brain mapping and training. Take a deeper look at Wholeness Center and what it has to offer. Here are 10 things you may not know about our practice:

  1. Our approach to mental health is integrative. Mental health is so much more than each of its parts – natural treatments, medications, and therapy.  Integrative mental health care is a way to approach the care of our patients from different points of view about the pillars of health – nutrition, movement, sleep, and stress management. Genuine integrative care starts with the intake process, is maintained through collaboration with providers at Wholeness, and includes you, the patient, as an active part of the team.
  2. We assess you as a whole human. One area that sets us apart from other mental health facilities is our ability to do very comprehensive assessments.  At intake, our assessments include brain mapping (QEEG), in addition to other objective tests including but not limited to blood work, food sensitivities, nutrient assessments, biochemical pathway assessments, and genomic assessments. Often these tests are not utilized and contributing factors in mental health diagnoses and treatment are missed.
  3. You are the most important person on the team. One of the most effective approaches to mental health is the one in which the person feels engaged and takes an active role in their own recovery. For instance, if you sense that your recovery is going to be aided by taking a dance class and not by an antidepressant, then that’s the plan.
  1. You can trust that we are highly skilled. Each provider at Wholeness has specialties in one or more areas, having all these amazing brains under one roof is for patients to get the best care available. Our team is exceptional and trained in integrative psychiatry which allows for the most available treatment options for our patients.  
  1. We offer the most advanced techniques in mental health. Wholeness continues to be a leader in mental health with the most advanced techniques. We offer ketamine-assisted psychotherapy for a variety of conditions including depression, PTSD, and alcohol use disorder to name a few. Wholeness is the only clinic in Northern CO that offers all administration routes for ketamine therapy by our team of highly trained therapists. Wholeness is at the forefront of the potential utilization of psychedelic therapy in a holistic model. As this is an emerging field, keep an eye out for additional services that will be offered soon.  
  1. All your providers are under one roof. Wholeness is much like other mental health and naturopathic clinics out there, except at Wholeness we all work together in the same building. That means Wholeness providers are able to order labs to assess any condition with objective evidence as well as utilize intake assessments from naturopathic doctors, psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, and counselors to get a comprehensive outlook on each patient’s needs. 
  1. We practice collaboration. Our team meets regularly to discuss cases and to learn from each other. When our providers meet with clients, they consider how other team members and modalities could be supportive and will make recommendations for holistic care. Most mental health facilities will offer medication management only, which doesn’t address lifestyle choices, proper nutrition, or biochemical analysis of patients who struggle with their mental health. Often, psychiatric practice is limited by not having a clear understanding of the pathophysiology of mental disorders. What is unique about The Wholeness Center is that it offers an integrated approach to mental health.
  2. We take away the guesswork and tell you how your brain is actually working. Brain mapping is an essential tool that guides clinicians to a more accurate diagnosis, and provides treatment support through medication mapping, supplement, and botanical options, in addition to lifestyle recommendations that are specific to a patient’s individual brain patterns. Neurofeedback treatments allow for non-medicinal approaches to mental health. And, ketamine therapy offers an uncovering approach to repressed or dissociated aspects of the psyche, rather than the suppressive approach to symptoms, which is primarily used in typical psychiatric interventions.
  3. We look at the connection between your gut and brain. Your small intestine is where a majority of your neurotransmitters are made as well as where a majority of your immune system lives. If the small intestine is unhappy, people’s mental and physical health can follow suit and those may be more susceptible to feelings of depression and/or anxiety. Your gut and brain guide one another and are crucial to mental health.
  4. We set the standard for mental health in Colorado. An integrative approach to mental health, like the one offered at the Wholeness Center, should be standard. We utilize the best of all medical perspectives – medication management, therapy, and naturopathic solutions. We know medication can offer relief of symptoms for long- or short-term help when patients are struggling. Therapy can help patients dig a bit deeper into their own psyche and understand the “why” of their situations. Naturopathic medicine integrates objective testing and offers help to those who want either an adjunct to their medication management or want to be medication-free. Brain mapping helps us to see patterns within the brain that may point toward depression, anxiety, or ADHD. By utilizing an integrative approach to mental health, we can better direct potential patients to providers who specialize in their individual diagnosis and/ or treatment.

 We would love to tell you more about the amazing work we are doing in the practice of integrative mental health care. We offer a variety of mental health tools to assist you. If you live in the Northern Colorado/ Ft. Collins area and would like to learn more about the innovative programs at Wholeness Center, please call 970-221-1106 or email