Month: September 2022

September 6, 2022

Medicine…what comes to mind when you think of that word? Out of the many definitions found for the word, medicine, in Merriam Websters dictionary, one that might resonate is “something that affects well-being”.


Did you know practicing gratitude is medicine?


Some of the benefits include increased heart rate variability (a key physiologic measure of wellbeing), improved relationships, and increased resilience.


Here are ten ways to practice gratitude for well-being in your everyday life:


  1. Be mindful. Start your gratitude practice by noticing the world around you. Look at things with eyes of wonder. Hold back prior knowledge and judgement. Ask yourself questions about your surroundings. Use your senses to think about what you have to be grateful for.


  1. Create a ritual. Pick a time, a place, a certain number of things to express gratitude about and make it something you do every day.


  1. Start a journal. Keep track of what you are grateful for, and document what you notice and the questions you have about the world around you. What wonder-full things have you noticed? Write them down.


  1. Write letters. Change it up a bit from expressing your gratitude internally and let someone know how you are feeling. Sometimes it can be hard to give and receive gratitude. As part of your practice, write out your gratitude and then share it with someone.


  1. Say the words, thank you. Use your voice to express gratitude in the moment. Out loud.


  1. Get back to basics. Think about the simple things that help you survive in the moment, like: sleep, water, nutrients, and movement. Pause at various times during the day and acknowledge which component you are utilizing at present.


  1. Spend time in nature. Going outside and grounding yourself in the earth’s elements is a way to practice gratitude for something larger than yourself. Think about your place in the world; how you are an integral part of a system that works together. Practice gratitude for the interconnectedness of the world.


  1. Help others. At a time when you might feel most burdened by or disconnected from your gratitude practice, take a minute to think about the needs of others. Lending a hand in whatever small or large way you have to offer can really remind you of an abundance of resources.


  1. Play. There is gratitude to be found in joy. Notice your children giggling or skipping around the house. Watch your partner as they throw the ball for the dog. Listen to the neighbor’s music as it breezes by your window.


  1. Breathe deeply. Inhale the sweetness of all the things you are thankful for. Exhale what no longer serves you. Practice holding gratitude while letting go of the thoughts that weigh you down.


One of the best things about a gratitude practice is the simplicity. It can be completely free and you don’t need anyone or anything else to get started.


As such, we would like to invite you to share this medicine with us in a night of gratitude for our Wholeness community.


On Friday September 30th we will air a film with a focus on gratitude at Be Free Healing Center in Fort Collins. Festivities will start at 6 pm.


We will have some light snacks and beverages and a window to connect with providers and others.


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