Year: 2022

January 3, 2022
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Beyond the strain of the holiday season,
we are often left searching the horizon for a reprieve – mentally.

How do we find the strength to start the new year with intention?

How do we carry ourselves forward from a place of wholeness rather than depletion?

Here are four ways to reset your thinking in order to start the new year off strong:

1. Reflect. Push into the ways you’ve struggled in the past. Practice mindfulness around your strengths and weaknesses. Approach both the past and future from a place of curiosity.

Questions you might ask yourself:

  • What went well this year?
  • What did not go as planned?
  • What things would I try again, what would I change?

2. Assess. There are many ways to look at the days, weeks, and months to come. Some set goals and others an overarching intention. Set your sights on what you want and think about small, achievable steps to get there.

Considerations for goal or intention setting might be:

  • Nutrition – Refocus on protein at each meal and focus on less snacking
  • Movement – Add more walking steps or stretch in the morning.
  • Sleep – Take note of your routine and see where you can make improvements in your sleep hygiene: screens off, lights dim, cup of Chamomile/ lavender tea, etc.. 
  • Stress Management – Practice some form of daily mindfulness activity such as meditation, yoga, dance, listening to music, etc.

3. Rest. Focusing on too much at the beginning of the year can cause burnout and overwhelm. Instead, consider finding wholeness as a process. Sometimes the process requires reflection and planning, other times it requires waiting. Allow yourself time to see how things are going.

Ways to practice self-care in the midst of rest:

  • Dr. Mary Rondeau ND suggests sitting in a far-infrared sauna nightly.  This is her 15 minutes to unwind, warm up and reflect.   If you do not have a sauna at home then consider 1-2 min breathing exercise in the shower or bath to recenter and ground yourself.
  • Stephen Thomas MSW, ACC says, “Dedicating some time for self-care is an excellent way to reduce stress and bring more peace and joy into your daily schedule. Think about activities you enjoy and haven’t engaged in for awhile—this could be curling up for an hour with a book, socializing with friends, or even sitting outside in the sun over your lunch break.
  • Steven Forstner practices self-care and rest in a flotation tank.  He says, “A 90-minute session in a sensory deprivation tank has been my most reliable self-care strategy for the past 3-4 years, and I never leave the session without feeling refreshed or getting a great night’s sleep.  I very rarely go a week without engaging with this practice.”

4. Reset. The new year is a perfect time to think about things differently than you have before – within reason. A reset is not an overhaul of your life, but rather a shift of intention towards the most important aspects.

How to start:

  • Prioritize an area of importance to you
  • Write down one way you would like to grow in that area
  • Think of one step you can easily make towards that growth.

The new year does not have to signal a new you. Instead consider a reset or a shift in your thinking as you continue on with the process of becoming a more fully whole human.

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