We are the only Fort Collins and Northern Colorado Mental Health Center focused on treating the whole person through body, mind, and spirit.

Services We Offer

Here are just a few of the many naturopathic services and treatments our practitioners offer:

  • Ketamine Treatment
  • Behavioral Health Services
  • Integrative Psychiatry
  • Functional Medicine
  • Special Programs
  • Naturopathic Medicine
  • IV Nutritional Therapy
  • Neurofeedback
  • Nutritional Support

What We Offer and What We Treat

We offer a variety of mental and behavioral health services to our patients. From integrative psychiatry, functional medicine, IV Therapy, neurofeedback, counseling and therapy, to nutritional support, acupuncture, yoga and other mindfulness therapies, we are able to treat a variety of symptoms including anxiety, depression, childhood behavioral issues, ADD, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, PANDAS, and individual and relationship issues.

Wholeness Center represents a new vision of alternative natural mental health, integrative medicine, functional medicine and behavioral health care. Servicing Fort Collins and Northern Colorado, we aim to foster strong vibrant natural health for you and your family. Our center offers functional medicine, integrative and naturopathic treatments through a wide variety of holistic services.

Begin your path to healing and wholeness

Please read these considerations to see if you can use the online booking tool:

1. Please do not schedule same day consults.

2. Ketamine consults cannot be scheduled online at this time. Please call 970.221.1106 for scheduling these visits.  If you have a question regarding if ketamine is an appropriate therapy for you please schedule a free 15 min with Dr. Mary Rondeau or call the front office for more options.

3. When scheduling for individuals under 18 years of age, the information entered needs to be about the patient, not a parent or guardian.

Collaborative Care

We are passionate about helping you attain your goals through a comprehensive, holistic, and natural approach. We are the only mental health center in the country that utilizes a model of collaborative care. All of our providers work under one roof to provide a whole person approach to our patients. This collaboration results in more effective treatments for our patients. We encourage you or somebody you care about to consider the Wholeness Center, and begin your path to healing and wholeness today.

If you would like to explore if our services are right for you or if you are not clear on which provider is right for you, schedule a free 15 min with Dr. Mary Rondeau and she will help answers your questions. Just click the button below.

Scott Shannon and Mary Rondeau

Dr. Mary Rondeau and Dr. Scott Shannon

Spotlight on Anxiety


Nutritional Supplements

Ketamine Treatment

Ketamine Treatment

Ketamine Treatment is an innovative, transformative treatment protocol that is being used in clinics across the country for treatment-resistant mental health conditions.

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CBD Therapy

CBD Therapy

CBD (more formally known as cannabidiol) is a non-intoxicating component of the hemp or cannabis plant. We have been extremely impressed with the value of CBD in treating psychiatric disorders.

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Neurofeedback utilizes sophisticated computer equipment to measure brainwave activity while teaching the person to control his or her own brain activity.

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CAP Program

CAP Program

Our Comprehensive Assessment Program is a psychiatric program that provides intensive diagnosis, education, assessment and a customized treatment plan using an integrative approach.

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IV Nutrition

IV Nutrition

IV nutrition is the fastest way to assimilate vitamins and minerals, bypassing the gut where absorption may be less than optimal. Mainline some goodies today, better than smoking them.

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Other Services

Other Services

Wholeness Center offers a variety of other Integrative Medicine services, such as functional medicine, naturopathic medicine, nutritional support, yoga and meditation classes, hyperbaric oxygen and more.

Our Services

COVID-19 Update

Wholeness Center is closely monitoring the pandemic and we will follow the guidelines and directives of our local and national health authorities. Our first priority is the safety of our patients, families, staff, and the community at large. Any decisions about the status of our clinic operations will take into account our patient's needs and distance, as well as the status of the COVID in our community.

For your consideration, we have distance appointments available either by phone or via secure video conferencing through our health record system called Charm. Appointments can be made online by selecting your provider under "Meet the Team".   Most of the services that we provide can be given at a distance.We are running in person sessions for these services:  neurofeedback therapy, IV therapy and ketamine assisted psychotherapy.  Wholeness Center remains open with regular business hours 9-5 M-Th and 9-3 on Fridays.  We are still scheduling both new patients and follow up appointments and are here to assist our community.  Please call us with any questions and you may also use our online scheduling program to book a visit.

Masks are required in the Wholeness Center and please bring your own. We are also taking thermo- temps upon entrance to the clinic.

Wholeness will provide regular updates as the situation evolves by posting relevant news on our website, Charm alerts and social media sites.

Be well.........the Wholeness Team