Meet Our Team

Our Providers

Our center has a dedicated group of highly trained providers to meet all your needs:

  • Adult and Child Psychiatrists

Dr. Scott Shannon

For more about Dr. Scott Shannon, please see his website

Dr. Michael Mullin
Dr. Craig Heacock
Dr. Brooke Schneider

  • Naturopathic Doctors

Dr. Mary Rondeau
Dr. Steven Rondeau
Dr. Nicole Lewis

  • Psychologists

Cori Ann Stepek, Ph. D.

  • Therapists

Annah Schnaitter, MA, LPC
Douglas Fontenot, MA

  • Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners

Connie Randazzo, PMHCNS-BC

  • Acupuncturists

Hugh Castor L.Ac.

  • Psychiatric Physician Assistant

Heather Lee, PA.

  • Biofeedback Therapist

Jen Strating, MA