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ACUPUNCTURE – Learn about the benefits of acupuncture with Scott Shannon, M.D. (1:20)

ADHD – Scott Shannon, M.D. discusses his approach to treating patients with ADHD. (2:12)

ANXIETY – Scott Shannon, M.D. talks about his approach to anxiety. (1:32)

ANXIETY – A CASE STUDY – Dr. Mary Rondeau talks about the treatment of a patient with anxiety. (1:56)

BIOFEEDBACK – Scott Shannon, M.D. discusses the benefits of biofeedback. (1:33)

FOOD QUALITY – Discover how our food quality has changed over time. (1:33)

HERBAL TREATMENTS – Learn how herbs can be used to treat patients with mental health. (1:31)

HYDROTHERAPY – Learn about our hydrotherapy service from Dr. Mary Rondeau. (2:00)

IV THERAPY – Mary Rondeau, N.D. and Michael Mullin, M.D. discuss the benefits of IV Therapy. (4:00)

MACRONUTRIENTS & MICRONUTRIENTS – Learn how to balance your plate with macronutrients and micronutrients. (1:37)

NEUROFEEDBACK – WHAT IS IT? – Steve Rondeau, N.D. answers the question: what is neurofeedback? (4:21)

NEUROFEEDBACK – EEG RECORDING PROCESS – Steve Rondeau, N.D. depicts the quick and painless procedure of an EEG recording. (2:20)

NEUROFEEDBACK – SAMPLE SESSION – Steve Rondeau, N.D. guides you through what to expect in a neurofeedback session. (2:19)

NUTRITIONAL ASSESSMENT – Learn about our nutritive assessment at the Wholeness Center. (1:31)

NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS – Dr. Mary Rondeau explains the importance of supplements in the body. (1:04)

SLEEP ISSUES – Learn how sleep issues can be treated at the Wholeness Center. (1:55)

SUPPLEMENTS – Scott Shannon, M.D. talks about why Wholeness Center recommends supplements. (1:20)

Books and Articles

Mental Health for the Whole Child

In this book, child psychiatrist Scott Shannon offers a refreshing new path for practitioners who are eager for a more optimistic view of children’s mental health, one that emphasizes a child’s inherent resilience and resources over pathology and prescriptions. Read More


Parenting the Whole Child

A Holistic Child Psychiatrist Offers Practical Wisdom on Behavior, Brain Health, Nutrition, Exercise, Family Life, Peer Relationships, School Life, Trauma, Medication, and More. Read More




Should I Label My Kid – Parenting Magazine – Featuring Dr. Shannon
Elucidating PANDAS – Follow-up Discussion of an Immune-Mediated Mental Illness
Integrative Approaches to Pediatric Mood Disorders – Dr. Scott Shannon
Integrative Pediatric Mental Health – Dr. Scott Shannon
Complementary and Alternative Medicine Therapies to Promote Healthy Moods – Dr. Scott Shannon
From Moody to Manic: Childhood Mood Disorders – Dr. Scott Shannon
EEG Use in Autism – Dr. Steve Rondeau
PANDAS: An Immune Mediated Mental Illness – Dr. Steve Rondeau
Medical Decision Making in Integrative Medicine – Dr. Scott Shannon, Dr. Andrew Weil, and Dr. Bonnie J. Kaplan


Dr. Mary Rondeau

Dr. Mary Rondeau