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A whole new way to parent: The Nurtured Heart Approach

If you’ve been feeling more tension, exhaustion and frustration as a parent, it could be due to some of the techniques or ways you’ve been relating to your child. In traditional parenting, taking action and having consequences in order to ‘fix’ or correct a behavior is often encouraged, or required. This type of parenting often focuses the attention on the negative behaviors, and gives little, if any attention to the positive behaviors.

Integrated Medicine, Child Psychiatry

Integrative Medicine and Psychiatry-An Overview and Update

The last twenty years has witnessed the emergence of Integrative Medicine, a new specialty in health care. Originally called Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), this field exploded with the 1993 NEJM article by David Eisenberg, MD of Harvard that documented the level of interest and utilization of CAM in the US.

Mental Health in Children: Nutrition as a Common Sense Alternative to Medications and Labels

Most American physicians ignore well-proven nutritional interventions in spite of solid science, low cost, good safety and exploding patient demand. Our doctors dismiss the value of nutrition without understanding or exploring the information. The pattern is set in medical school where minimal time is devoted to this topic. Sadly, nowhere is this anti-nutrition mindset more obvious than in the specialty of psychiatry.