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Be your own Valentine: ways to nurture yourself and attract love in your life

Do you talk to yourself kindly, encouraging, with confidence, or do you self criticize, lecture or blame? Do you believe in yourself, appreciate yourself, do you nurture all of you? Start paying attention to your inner voice (is it a cheerleader or a judge?), your daily routine (do you eat healthy, exercise), and your balance in life (too much work or too much fun?) and little by little create small changes where they’re needed.

Kitchen First Aid

The changing of the seasons brings about many changes in activities and routines. The sun sets earlier, the crisp air that comes through in the night leaves a generous deposit of frost on the windshield to be scraped in the morning, holiday stressors seem to creep in earlier and earlier and it seems that nearly everyone you come into contact with is like a walking germ factory ready to make your nose look like Rudolph’s just in time for the holidays.