Normal Therapy?

define_normalAs sole guitarist in the current musical production of Next to Normal at the Midtown Arts Center in Fort Collins (running through Nov 12th), I have the unique privilege of seeing wellness and the arts share the stage.  In this story, we witness a struggling mother and her family coping with a wide range of issues common to so many families: grief, bipolar disorder, stress, conflict, suicide, recreational and prescription drugs.

As a counselor and musician, I believe in the powerful connection between music and wellness, and during performances, I find myself comparing standard and alternative styles of  treating mental health.  I can’t help but wonder, wouldn’t this mother’s journey have a happier ending if she were experiencing an integrated treatment plan that combined individual and family therapy, nutrition, acupuncture, and biofeedback instead of only anti-psychotic medication and electro-convulsive therapy and hypnosis? I believe it would. Thank goodness that we now have so many more options to present to our patients. I am very grateful to be licensed clinical social worker at the Wholeness Center where we work collaboratively in creating a treatment plan that is right for you!!

posting by Michael Davis, LCSW



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