Mindful Eating

You eat several times each day, but how often are you truly present for eating – really tasting your food? Many of us find ourselves distracted while eating – working, on our phone, watching TV, or even engrossed in conversation. We might even eat quickly, barely tasting or noticing what we put in our mouth.

By incorporating mindfulness into our meals, we shift out of autopilot and into present moment awareness, which allows us to taste and enjoy our food even more. When practicing mindful eating, we become aware and listen to our body’s signals, causing us to eat the right types and amounts of food for us. When we are more relaxed during meals, our digestion even improves.

So next time you sit down to breakfast, lunch or dinner, pay attention to what you’re eating. Focus your senses on seeing; smelling and tasting your food with full awareness, savoring the flavors. Your taste buds will thank you!

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