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No more bullying 1

Bullying: becoming involved in order to prevent violence

It is most important that your child sees someone taking action at the mere mentioning of bullying. Contact the school, check the policy, request a meeting, create change if change is needed. Bullying is not an individual problem; it takes a village to raise a child and it takes the family, the neighborhood and the school to address bullying.

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Mindful Breathing Exercise

Focusing on the breath offers a quick method to calm your body during stressful situations, and bring peace and clarity to your mind. The first step in mindful breathing is to become aware of each breath.

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Thankfulness – Start with One Simple Pleasure

It’s when you are feeling most depressed or anxious, though, that finding even one thing to be grateful for can make the biggest difference. Forget all of the big stressors in your life for a moment and focus on just one simple thing that brings you pleasure.

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A whole new way to parent: The Nurtured Heart Approach

If you’ve been feeling more tension, exhaustion and frustration as a parent, it could be due to some of the techniques or ways you’ve been relating to your child. In traditional parenting, taking action and having consequences in order to ‘fix’ or correct a behavior is often encouraged, or required. This type of parenting often focuses the attention on the negative behaviors, and gives little, if any attention to the positive behaviors.

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3…2…1…Count down!

October often means we have our first snow, and it reminds us of the holiday season, which is just around the corner. It is also a good time to stop and reflect over the first ten months of this year, as well as plan for the last couple of them. Have you enjoyed this past year as much as you wanted to? Remember those New Year’s resolutions you made last year?

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Normal Therapy?

As a counselor and musician, I believe in the powerful connection between music and wellness, and during performances, I find myself comparing standard and alternative styles of treating mental health. I can’t help but wonder, wouldn’t this mother’s journey have a happier ending if she were experiencing an integrated treatment plan that combined individual and family therapy, nutrition, acupuncture, and biofeedback instead of only anti-psychotic medication and electro-convulsive therapy and hypnosis?

September is Yoga Month 0

September is National Yoga Month

Yoga is a 5,000 year old mind body practice originating from India. Yoga comes from the Sanskirt word yuj, which means “yoke or union” describing the connection (the union) between the mind and the body. Yoga classes incorporate physical postures, breathing techniques and meditation or relaxation to balance the mind, body, and spirit.

Kale in the garden 0

All Hail Kale!

Backyard gardens abound, farmer’s markets are in full force. I wanted to share some ideas for my all-time favorite vegetable – Kale! Some people may be most familiar with kale as the green decoration on salad bars, but kale is actually one of the very most nutritious veggies out there and it tastes so good!