Meditation Benefits

June 20, 2017

meditation benefits“Maybe I’ll Start Meditating”

Have you ever said to yourself, “I think I’ll start meditating.”  But then you need to get ready for work, the laundry needs to get started, you need to get some groceries, the kids need to be picked up from school, the list goes on and on. Well – TODAY is the day to start meditating!  And here are the top 3 reasons to get you inspired…

Meditation Benefits

Reason #1 to Meditate:  Because it’s good for your body!

Scientists have found that a consistent practice bolsters your body and helps prevent heart disease, reduce pain and support your immune system. Having a stronger mind-body connection will lower your risk of diseases, help you to cope better with stress, help sleep issues and even improve your memory!

Reason #2 to Meditate:  Because it’s good for your relationships!

While meditation helps you to tune into yourself, it will also help you detach from your own issues and connect with others in more meaningful ways. Honoring yourself and taking time to be grateful will open up your understanding of others. Being grounded and centered will make you a better communicator, which is the essence of loving relationships.

Reason #3 to Meditate:  Because it’s good for your well-being!

Our lives are filled with never-ending activities, demands at work and home, and not enough down-time.  Meditating will help to relax your brain, reduce anxiety and decrease depression. By devoting a few minutes a day to yourself you will be making a great investment in a future filled with good health!

Print out this page and stick on your bathroom mirror so that you see it in the am. and pm.  Best wishes for your meditation practice!

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