How to Treat Fatigue

June 12, 2017

how to treat fatigue

“To know chronic fatigue is to know nutritional medicine.”

When exhaustion, muscle weakness, lack of energy, moodiness and/or irritability strike often, it could be a sign that you are mentally and physically fatigued. Fatigue is a common occurrence that people experience and may be a signal that something deeper is going on. Like the check engine light in a car, it is not something to be ignored. Fatigue becomes chronic when exhaustion or lack of energy lasts 6 months or more. In chronic fatigue, the fatigue is extreme and constant, making it difficult or even impossible to function at the most basic level.

Fatigue may be associated with an infection, depression, sleep disorders, high stress levels, overexertion, or nutritional deficiencies to name a few. The most important part of treating fatigue is in determining its cause. While you are working with your doctor in doing so, here are some palliative treatment ideas you can begin implementing into your daily routine to help with your symptoms.

  1. Diet: Eliminate sugar, white flour, bad fats, caffeine, artificial sweeteners, and refined sugars. Avoid food sensitivities. Also, make sure you are eating enough! Blood sugar fluctuations can contribute to fatigue.
  2. Exercise! It can sound like an impossible feat when you are fatigued, but some movement is better than none. Try taking a slow walk around the block and see what benefit you get.
  3. B Vitamins give you a boost of energy and help you to stay mentally sharp. Talk to your doctor before beginning a supplementation regiment or have your doctor help you double check the quality of your vitamins if you currently supplement. Quality supplements are very important!
  4. Vitamin D deficiency can be associated with depression and fatigue. Most people are not out in the sun enough to get proper absorption so get outside and talk to your doctor about seeing if Vitamin D supplementation is right for you.
  5. At Wholeness Center, we offer IV nutrients which can help to boost energy. The benefit to IV and IM therapy is they bypass the digestive system and are directly available for absorption by the cells! Nutrient mixtures are custom-prepared according to your specific needs.

Let’s face it, being fatigued can be the pits, but it’s important to recognize if the fatigue is occurring on a regular basis. If you are experiencing chronic fatigue and are interested in a free consultation with one of our providers to discuss your options, please contact us today.

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