Wholeness Center, Holistic Health for Fort Collins and Northern Colorado

out-of-state careOut of State Care

Many of our patients come from out of state. We provide two services for people traveling
long distances to Fort Collins:

1. One time phone consultation
2. Ongoing care

If you would like a one-time consult from our team we can provide that by phone. We will
not manage any medications or take charge of your care. Our recommendations will be
sent to the physician or practitioner that currently provides your care. This assessment may
include a number of team members and will be a variety of ideas or goals that may assist in
your care.

If you would like to travel and visit our clinic in person we will provide ongoing care and
treatment as long as you return once a year for re-assessment in person. In between the
yearly visits care can be provided by phone.

To accommodate those people who seek us out, we have a special program to customize
your assessment in our collaborative care model. The initial assessment may include from
two to six providers depending on the concerns that you have.

Merely call in and let our front office staff know that you would assessment in the
collaborative care model for distant patients. One of our staff will then call you and begin to
collect information. We will discuss your case at our collaborative team meeting later that
next week.

The Wholeness Center team then creates a customized assessment visit with a number of
our professionals to formulate our in-depth treatment plan to help you or your child find real
wholeness. One we have established your team we will work with you to find the right date
and times for your visit. We will also recommend lab work to precede your arrival.